Bus Transfers To and From New Orleans Airport | Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport (MSY)

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Buses from Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport with Bus Routes and Times

When arriving at New Orleans International Airport (MSY) make sure to collect your entire luggage from the Baggage Claim area before proceeding to your choice of transfer from the airport. Available transfer options include rental cars, taxis and public transportation buses.

When transferring to the airport, please remember to retrieve all your belongings from the bus before exiting the vehicle at the airport.

Public Transportation Buses at New Orleans International Airport

There is bus service available between the airport and Downtown New Orleans via the Jefferson Transit Authority (JET) and the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA). The airport bus stop is located on the outer curb outside the Ticket Lobby on Level 3 of the terminal building.

JET provides the Veterans (E1) with a fare of $2. Fare boxes are available on the buses and they accept all U.S coins and bills up to $20. The journey will take approximately 50 minutes. The route is called the Veterans due to the route running along Veterans Boulevard. Bus stops are located at approximately every two block until the center is reached when the bus stops at major intersections.

Passengers can connect to RTA routes at City Park Avenue for further travels.

RTA provides the Airport Express (202) with a fare of $1.50. The route includes stops at two separate Downtown New Orleans locations, Elk Place at Cleveland and the Union Passenger Terminal/Bus Bay 2. Travel time is around 50 minutes.

The Regional Ride day pass is usable on both JET and RTA, but all other fares and pass are non-transferable between the two providers.

Airport Shuttle Service at New Orleans International Airport

An airport shuttle service is available for walk-up customers at the cost of $24 per person for a single ride and $44 per person for a round-trip. Fares include three bags per person with additional luggage being subject to possible additional fees. Tickets can be purchased at the Airport at the Airport Shuttle booth located between Doors 3 and 4 on level 1 Baggage Claim.

Hotel Shuttles at New Orleans International Airport

Hotels in New Orleans that offer an airport shuttle service to their guests collect the traveler in the Ground Transportation Center located outside Doors 1 through 5 of level 1.

Long-distance coaches in New Orleans

There are no Greyhound or Megabus stops at the airport directly, but both have services at New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal in central New Orleans as does NORTA.